Goldene Zeichen auf Türkis (Sage vom Hirschkönig). detail

There is this tiny temporal space in human perception, this truly little glimpse of a moment, before chance gets meaning, before the mind offers explanations to what is presented. Within homologies, I like to create works everyone might grasp subconsciously without having an urge to understand it.

All works are acrylics and gold leaf on rectangular MDF. Each piece consists of a mildly textured monochromatic background and gold leaf applications. The compositions oscillate between archetypical ornament, futuristic calligraphy, geometrical construction pattern or randomized low-fi pixel structure. The title of each piece only names the two composita of the specific work. A subtitle adds a potential story to decode the composition. The viewer gets a choice to leave the undefined and give the work a subjective meaning.

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