I am keen to bring pixels into the material world. They were never meant for that. They are artifacts of former technical limitations, today easily mis-used as representatives of a Golden age of Videogaming.
I like to play with traditional art techniques and see how I could create pixelated, artistic forms with them. Therefore, something new is created with this unique method, because the real world and its materials are not as perfect as the math behind pixels. This is my current way of questioning these digitally dominant times.

Me in 2020

Ivo Zibulla is a self-made artist based in Leipzig. His works focus on the human psyche and its hidden layers. He uses various artistic media, like painting, sculpture and installation, partly in public space.
His works are aesthetically inspired by the 8bit look of early video games, while incorporating schamanic and sacral art from around the world. He uses the epithet Mu as signature.


since 2013 – working as professional artist
since 2008 – Co-founder of graphic collective ungestalt, Leipzig
2007– University of Applied Sciences Leipzig, Diploma in Publishing & Printing Engineering
since 2004 – regular visits to SE Asia

solo shows, fairs

2019 – pixelethics, LOFFT, Leipzig
2019 – Retrographics, Gamescom, Köln
2019 – Feminist Pixel Pioneers, Akko Hummus Bar, Leipzig
2018 – Chaos Computer Club, Designers Open 2018, Leipzig
2018 – pixelethics, Lindenow Kunstfestival, Leipzig
2018 – Art Cologne, Cologne
2017 – Affordable Art Fair, Hamburg
2017 – Nacht der Kunst, Leipzig
2013 – Pac Man Mania, Tapetenwerk, Leipzig


2020 – g.flow Laptop Stand Art Edition, with grapelab (South Korea)
2019 – Ancient Trance Festival, Landart Project, Taucha
2018 – Darkroom, Delet(h)e, Galerie Hier + Jetzt Leipzig
2017 – Klang(t)raum, Gotteskinderzimmer, Galerie Hier + Jetzt Leipzig
2016 – Herzenswege, Galerie Hier + Jetzt Leipzig
2016 – Cat God Parking Lot, Wuwu Gallery, Tainan City, Taiwan, with CC Lin (TW),
2015 – Teestube, Ibug 2015, Alte Schlosserei, Plauen, Germany, with AIM (D)
2014 – Näherin, Ibug 2014, Alte Farbenfabrik, Crimmitschau, with AIM (D)


2016 – Art House, Tainan City, Taiwan