Ivo Zibulla says Hi

All presented non-installation artworks can be purchased. Feel free to check the list with price orientations below.

Available paintings (Feb. 2023)
Available fine art prints (Feb. 2023)
Available Graphical works (Feb. 2023)

For further inquiries or commission requests, please contact me:

Ivo Zibulla

All of the content on this website is created by myself. I strive to consider myself a fellow global human being in mindset and activities. Unfortunately my use of language to convey my thoughts to you is limited. So I decided to stay with a relative approach: I use eurocentric concepts and descriptions like Western and Far East, Occident and Orient; I spent some serious time travelling and met beautiful souls everywhere. I know this thing called us and them is only there to widen my own perspective and learn about the aundant facets of life.

I use vague terms fit for endless philosophical dispute, as mystical, spiritual and religious. Some of you might be offended by my carefree use of those terms. I apologize in advance and hope, you might use your vigorous discontent to send me some warm message of criticism. I have always invited learning.

May your own journey be blessed.