Being invited to perform in absolute minimalistic manner was challenging at first. To give the artistic direction completely into the hands of another person and fully concentrate on manifesting the conceptual idea through my body was a very nurturing experience.

The performance Voices from the Darkness takes place as part of the exhibition In the darkness let me see by artist Wilhelm Frederking at Kunsthalle.Ost in Leipzig. The space and ground is completely covered with wallpaper full of green hedges. Juli Zöllner and myself start the performance by lying on the ground. With each breath out, we create a monotonous sound while shaking our bodies in a call and response manner. We explore the different sound qualities thus created. The focus is on keeping the structure and space of the action, almost as an act of active meditation. All additional emotional or mental disctrations are accepted but not expressed. After exactly 30 minutes an alarm clock gives a signal and we immediately stop the activity and leave the space. 

As there are not any other documented performances yet, feel free to visit weird sculptures or scriptures in the meantime.