In early 2023, I turned my long dormant interest for body expression into activity and started small performance sessions, either solo or with partners. My first ever consicous solo performance took place a church and was about birth. I guess backwards it all makes sense.

Versuch einen Drachen zu gebären is about the subconscious potentiality of spiritual power in humans. The duration of the performance is approximately 30 minutes, divided in two sections of about the same length. The golden fullbody suit and the green jacket, the hairstyle and the make-up all help to visualize the dragon quality for the spectator. The first section is titled Ausruhen und Schlüpfen (Rest and Hatch) with slow, careful external movements and a deep focus on inner movements. The second section Ankommen und Klarkommen (Arrive and get on with it) starts to express the inner movements with all its shy and clumsy qualities. No dragons were hurt before, during or after the performance.

▶ A video of the 2nd performance can be found on my video channel.

Further performances you might be interested: Leuchte mal hier her kind of a group performance or a very unique Voices from the darkness.