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Born in Leipzig, a trading and industrial boomtown before WW2 and a pretty run-down place during the GDR times, I was raised in a surrounding best described as “peaceful, sleeping, ready to be reactivated”. After the reunification, this is happening at ridiculous speed: All those ruins and slowly rotting buildings of former glory are transformed into fancy apartments and co-working studios. Don’t get me wrong here – I embrace the change and value life over decaying buildings. Nevertheless, I feel space open for imagination is getting scarce.

Archinature is a mixed-media sculpture made from a load-bearing beam saved from a renovated former tapestry factory in Leipzig, incorporating a bonsai tree. It is an attempt to preserve past memories and fuse it with experiences of now, as well as balancing artificial habitats and nature as a totem to remind one of the everchanging cycles of Life.