I like my overconfidence that comes with lack of knowledge. Thus, in 2015 began my Art world assault. I gratefully learned how easy it is to co-run a gallery/off space/event venue thanks to a sheer infinite availability of great artists. Equally i realized how much effort and time it takes to establish it in a city that is filled with culture. Though teamed up with great partners, i gave up after four years: the cultural sector is tough: it’s not to be done half-assed.

Phase One: Running a gallery in three steps: finding emerging artists, tell them you got a space for exhibition, do tons of marketing (going on fairs, to exhibition openings, networking events etc.) It’s mostly talking and selling and not so much about the art itself. That might sound obvious now, but for me it took the actual experience to realize it: selling art feels tainted.

Phase Two: Running an off-space for experimental music in three steps: find your first musician(s), agree on a event date, have a nice concert. after that, it’s running automatic, because the peers are manageable and well linked up. In between, i could create fun installations with fellow fine and digital artist friends and plenty of people visited us and never gave a poop, what our installation might be about. it felt kind of demotivating. after all i realized: i never made art just for myself, i wanted to connect.

By the end of 2018, the proprietors of the room cancelled the rental contract. Bye bye Hier + Jetzt! Luckily, some memorial information about it can be found at ungestalt website.