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Among the traditional art techniques that I explore, fine art prints are what I absolutely wanted to work on. There are so many different beautiful techniques out there. I foresee: I will never master even one of them. Luckily, I don’t have to – having wonderful masters at their craft to collaborate with.

The iconic pixelethics series partly made it into limited edition fine pixel art prints. A chosen few of the symbols were recreated for letterpress printing. My dear friend and passionate printer, Konstantin Feig at Buchdrucklabor, worked out the sheer impossible: a printing form made from not-even-close-to-identical wooden cubes to make art prints on Hanemühl hand-made paper. It worked out astonishingly beautiful. Please don’t ask for the process details.

Letterpress meets Lego© plates best describes the process of creation of this works. Here, flat square plastic plates are used as grid – as alternative to the wooden cubes used in the prior print series. All works are hand-made, limited prints using printing color on art paper.

Welt is a 3 color print on art paper. It is derived from the original acrylic painting and modified for print.

Wundern (to wonder) und Staunen (marvel at) both are a multi-colored gradient print on art-paper. They similarily are derived from an acrylic work called Wohlwollen, showing a heart. A rainbow colored gradient both fills the content of the heart and in inverted orientation its pixelated outline. The difference between both motifs is again an inversion of the gradient – serving also as the connecting element. According to philosophers and mystics all around the world, the Divine aspect of reality can be best perceived in those states of attitude towards existence.

Fine art prints are a treat: unique due to the limited edition, affordable due to being produced in a slightly bigger number. Feel attracted to one of those prints? Let’s get in touch.