I wanted to make them voxel even more real, but not with modern techs like 3D printing and all that fancy stuff. Traditional art techniques are my scope. I started with wooden cubes as base material and tried different ways of finishing: airbrush colors, varnish, piano lacquer, leaf gold, and mirror foil.

Currently, I am looking for like-minded artists to experiment with porcelain, bronze and all the other beautiful crafting materials.

I created several groups of sculptures over time:

Pixelethics was made in 2017/18 and uses well-known, iconic video game items and re-interpretates them as symbols for moral and religious themes. So far, some sins and virtues of the Christian belief have been put into sculptures.

Phenomenology – starting in 2019 – is an experimental approach to pixelating basic shapes and reflecting surfaces.

Symbols of Power is another perspective shift into the iconic qualities of pixels. Here, traditional or contemporary symbols of power are recreated in an extremely low-poly 3d-pixel grid and completely covered with gold leaf foil.

Interested in on of those real-life pixel sculptures or having a proposal for another one?  Let’s get in touch.