In 2017 I started to work on mandala furniturean ongoing series of items, that are a blend of applied art, product design and upcycling. Within this works i like to re-explore the transformative potential of furniture by incorporating additional layers of use.

Sustainability and upcycling, game principles and the practice of contemplation are deliberately combined here. The project breathes a new kind of soul into tables that have been used for many years, expanding its scope into an object of contemplation, creating a unique handcrafted piece of art. This is done by applying an additional level of illustration on the surface. Instead of just keeping the patterns purely decorative, the patterns are designed deliberately to create a visual area for contemplation.

There are two sets of works currently:

Pagan labyrinth (Serie A) draws its inspiration from pagan and tribal ornaments, fusing it with modern graphic design aesthetics to create immersive ornaments for contemplation. All embellishments are applied with several layers of piano lacquer. A final layer of glaze seals the surface.

Tantric Pop (Serie B) is inspired by the intricate Tantric mandalas of Tibetan Buddhism. A simplified colour scheme and reduced graphic language transform the complexity of the mandalas into contemporary design.

Interested in adding one of the unique handcrafted tables in your home? or you have a piece of furniture of your own and want to upgrade it with my custom-made artwork? Let’s get in touch.