Im Zentrum, detail shot at group exhibition in Wirkbau Chemnitz 2023

Nothing is different. Unless we define differences by giving names to phenomena. In geography, an island is the upper part of an underwater mountain range that rises above sea level. Since it seems impossible to be human without boundaries, there are countless islands: in space, in time, in concepts, in stories.

The present work consists of a vertically oriented mixed media object made of wood, treated with various techniques. Its appearance is reminiscent of a pole, a mast, a totem or a stele. Is it a reminder of a past or a future moment, does it mark a waypoint, is it a milestone or a warning sign? Only one thing is inevitable: it stands at the centre of itself and inevitably forms an exterior around itself. The installation only completes itself through the viewer. Both create their own subjective meaning only in connection.

Things become clearly more dark here. Looking for more sparkly artworks? Or stay with mystical sculptures? Choose wisely 😉