Rotation detail. 135 x 135 cm, acrylics on canvas, 2021.

I’m a bit excited and a bit proud about those new pieces. I would describe them as colorfield painting with a splash of pop art. Here, I revisited the construction principles of mandalas and fused them with a pixel grid. I call the series interfaces: visually induced psychic experience spaces.

Expansion is inspired by the color gradient best known from heat cameras and glass windows of cathedrals. The medium-large acrylic painting on canvas draws inspiration from Indian and Muslim Sacred architectural patterns. Furthermore, the changing gradient from pure white in the center to the dark blue frame explores how colors and their inherent frequencies assist/enforce visual movement.

Modulation is a medium-large scale acrylic painting on canvas. Mainly thought as revisits the idea of tantric buddhist mandala with a splash of psychedelia. It focuses on how color combinations create interferences and therefore force the eyes into automatic movement to balance out the colors. By this constant movement, subconscious effects might occur.

Rotation is the third work in the series and a medium-large scale acrylic painting on canvas. The painting furthermore explores the visual impact and psychological stimulus of color field placement and color choice.

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