digital print Sonnenuntergang detail shot

I regularly use digital tools mainly for visualising my conceptual ideas, which then are further developed in the analog creation process. With this series of prints, I embrace the opportunities of directly transfering a result of a completely digital creation process into high-quality art prints.

The limited edition prints show unique results of an ongoing development process by using digital image manipulation software unto one initial colored colorfield grid. Layer after layer is added, mixed, dissected and reassembled. The unreflected play with the filters and digital tools of the software and their unexpected results are key to creation of this pieces.

All prints are limited edition of 3 pieces.

During the natural playfulness of this procedure I started to develop a more freestyle, less abstract-geometrical approach. The works are named after a thought or an emotion they spontaneously evoked in me after finishing them.

Here we go unto the realms of videogaming heroes!