For quite a while now I am painting curious abstract images: these are patterns, pictures of night skies, sprinkled with stars and unknown symbols. I never understand if they are notes or measurements or simply gibberish.

Recently, together with the graceful artist Linda Göhrs we playfully discover phantastic ephemereal spaces and creatures and colorfully frame them. 

Karte der Republik Jederzeit is a medium format work made by acrylic colors and marker on grayboard. The composition of abstract shapes and areas of fully saturated colors is partly covered by graphical patterns. A squared smaller part of the greyboard in the center is cutout and rotated by 180 degrees. Additionally, an identical sized half-squared rectangle is cut out of the left and right side of the format respectively and swapped.

Sphären-Ausschnitt is a mixed media dyptych. The larger, lower part uses acrylic colors on wood in a portrait format. Convex colored areas are distorted by vertical indents. The smaller, upper part uses acrylic colors on a square format canvas. A symbolized crimson red star with four beams is placed centered on a spotless ultramarine background. The work is to be installed on a wall by the lower part and the upper part is placed upon it without mounting. Sphärenausschnitt is a study about the different conceptual spheres, mankind developed in their quest for understanding reality as it is. The red star symbolizes the absolute supreme central one unit, however it is called in any spiritual and philosophical school. The switch in material and the resulting rift pointing out the impossibility to understand the center mentally, as it might only be experienced directly.

Mit den Augen hören (Listen with the eyes) will be described later. Now indulge in the work.

Memorial Map of Tushita is a small format acrylic color painting on MDF with gold leaf application. The whole format is covered in ultramarine blue. Several gold leaf squares are distributed in an evenly manner in the upper part of the composition. The four sides of the MDF format are each covered in a fully satured color: red on the upper side, green on the right side, black on the down side, yellow on the left side. The painting uses Buddhist color code and an almost archaic graphical visual language to explore the possibility of a purely metaphysical space called Tushita Heaven.

More mental landscapes can be found in the Mindscape series. Other mysterious, more arcade symbols can be spotted in my Pixelverse.