Future statrs now. Installation in old ruin of coal mine Westerholt, dimensions variable

As the installation was in place, I was confronted with a single question repeatedly through all ages and cultural backgrounds: This typo in the slogan, did I made it by purpose? All I could answer in return was: What’s your opinion about it?

A bright new future statrs now. The words throne over the now empty halls of Zeche Westerholt in North-Rhine Westphalia – one of the most busy coal mines of Central Europe during the 20th century. As the area will be transformed in an area for New Work models, the future is already set. They bear witness to the short period of inactivity potential in the place and announce the coming of yet another Golden Age of employment, material comfort and safety. In a society bound to progress, places without specific purpose are considered lost places. A space solely as itself seems unacceptable, as it can not be actively used for productivity.
Progress is defined as also including improvement of a state, a permanent evolution of circumstances. Improvement in itself is a useful agent of change. In many cases, it includes the strive for perfection – which as a theoretical final state is contradictory to the very concept of improving.

The slogan is comprised of 25 letters from two different set of letters, both taken from original arcade games. In their nostalgic appearance they quote the very basic idea of games: play, fail, improve, fail again. It’s not about winning, it’s about playing.

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