heimat acrylic painting with artist ivo zibulla leipzig

Silent Scenics started quite a while ago and only now, with the painting of the third piece I unraveled the common theme within them – silence.

Tiefe will be the 3rd and final painting and finished in 2023. It is a mixed media medium-large canvas.

+ + Picture coming soon. + +

Klarheit is the 2nd entry into the series created in 2021/22. It is a medium-large acrylic canvas piece using a well ordered grid of multilayered colored fields to evoke an image resembling a mirage or a desert scene. The image seems slightly glitched as seen during the heat of a desert day. It uses only a single brush, creating the field colors by semi-transparent layers of colors.

Heimat is a medium-large sized acrylic painting on canvas created in 2019 using only a flat brush and fully opaque colors. The painting shows a panel construction building in a twilight scene, with a single window lit, The theme of the image is a question of belonging and connection.

And there are a lot of other pixel paintings to discover: you’re more the Hero type? Or you like riddles and symbols?